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About the Author

Hello, my name is Pegah. I am a passionate, empowering, and accomplished coach with a broad range of skills and a caring heart.

After being faced with certain life challenges, I lost my sense of direction and struggled to enjoy life…

Although I am known as a resilient woman who always gets back on track after each fall, this time the challenges came together and tested me. I left my job due to various personal challenges that I went through, not knowing which direction to take.

It took me months of trying different methods, action plans, coaching and therapies to realise that I have all the resources in me and maybe with little guidance of professionals, I can overcome the challenges and enjoy every moment of it.

If you are in the middle of life challenges, and ready to start enjoying your life, but aren’t completely sure how, connect with me below.

How I Can Help

Conversation Over

A friendly, conversational environment in which we explore career directions and overcome career challenges

Fast Track

Private sessions tailor made exclusively for you to plan your steps & successfully use the job-hunting formula

Corporate Styling

The right professional grooming can go a long way. Experience your full potential in the way you look

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Pegah is a director human resources consultancy based in the United Arab Emirates, and also a licensed career coach with over fifteen years of experience in helping people (from graduates to senior C-level executives) predominantly in the Middle East to take the next big step toward their career growth.

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